Vietnam, Japan to Further Ties in Climate Change Response: Officials

Vietnam and Japan will promote their cooperation in fields of environment and natural resources, especially in climate change response, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha and newly-accredited Japanese Ambassador Yamada Takio reached the consensus at a meeting in Hanoi on June 24. At the meeting, Minister Ha suggested some fields for further cooperation, besides climate change response, such as natural disaster prevention and fighting, environmental protection, ocean plastic waste management, drought/salinization response. Ambassador Yamada Takio, for his part, affirmed that the Japanese side will work with the Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE)’s General Department of Land Administration for bolder ties in land management. The diplomat also noted that the Japanese side is willing to support Vietnam in issues related to policies and management within the draft (revised) Law on Environmental Protection. Regarding the Japanese government’s grant of sea research ship(s), both sides discussed the facilitation to the MoNRE to form an assessment team for the quality of the ship(s) to report to the PM for later delivery. (Bo Tai Nguyen Moi Truong, monre)