Vietnam to Provide Lunch Support for Preschools Kids in Needy Areas

Vietnam will provide lunch support for kids of preschools in needy areas, island, remote areas or kids’ parents living in such areas, according to the government’s newly-issued Decree 105/2020/ND-CP, which will become effective on November 1. Decree 105, replacing Decree 06/2018/ND-CP on preschool education development, keeps some terms of Decree 06. They are lunch support for kids without raisers; kids of poor or near-poor families; and kids of war heroes, dead soldiers, wounded soldiers. Another new term of Decree 105 is lunch support for kids with disability. The lunch support is set at VND160,000 ($6.87) per kid per month, versus the current term of 10% of the base salary (currently at VND1.6 million) per kid per month. (Phap Luat Viet Nam, baophapluat, Nguoi Dua Tin)