Vietnamese Farmers Benefit from Projects Run by JICA, UNDP

Many farmers of Vietnam’s central provinces of Thanh Hoa and Binh Dinh have benefited from supportive projects deployed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), state media reported.

Specifically, the project “Improving resilience of vulnerable coastal communities to climate change in Vietnam” sponsored by the UNDP has benefited more than 8,000 people, 50% of whom are women, in Thanh Hoa province.

The project has built a map of disaster risks and a plan for risk mitigation in localities. Since 2017, the Vietnamese government, the Green Climate Fund (GCF), and the UNDP have revived and planted more than 337 hectares of mangrove forests and built 1,403 safe houses for poor, near-poor, and women-headed households in the province.

In the coming time, the UNDP will build 100 more flood-resistant houses in Thanh Hoa province, said UN Assistant Secretary General and UNDP Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific Kanni Wignaraja at her recent Thanh Hoa visit.

Meanwhile, the Protection forests restoration and sustainable management (JICA 2) project funded by the Japanese government via the JICA has enhanced the quality of protection forests and improved the livelihood of the people in Binh Dinh province.

As of 2021, the JICA 2 project planted 1,658 hectares of new forest, promoted regeneration of 3,452 hectares, and contracted to protect 2,868 hectares of watershed protection natural forests. The project contributed to raising the provincial forest cover by 0.28%. (Dang Cong San, Nong Nghiep, VietQ, QDND)