Consultative meeting -Ethnic Minority Working Group

Young Lives is an international study of childhood poverty tracking the changing lives of 12,000 children in Ethiopia, India (in the state of Andhra Pradesh), Peru and Vietnam over a 15-year period. This is the timeframe set by the UN to assess progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. Through interviews, group work and case studies with the children, their parents, teachers, community representatives and others, we are collecting a wealth of information not only about their material and social circumstances, but also their perspectives on their lives and aspirations for the futures, set against the environmental and social realities of their communities.


In 2008 Young Lives in Vietnam carried out policy research on quality of primary education in rural and ethnic minority areas in Vietnam. The study seeks to shed some light on the policy-reality gap through exploring local perspectives and perceptions of the implementation and effectiveness of a number of government policies and programs designed to improve the quality of education in disadvantaged areas.

To triangulate the study with different point of views from researchers, development practitioners and policy makers.