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The Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (MFWG) was established as a forum for microfinance practitioners to share knowledge, skills and ideas in order to overcome the key challenges of the sector. As the peak industry body, the MFWG contributes to strengthening the voice of the sector in the policy-making sphere.

Founded in 2004 as an informal working group under the NGO Resource Centre - VUFO, MFWG has launched an "open" policy to all individuals and organizations who are interested in the microfinance sector in Vietnam. In September 2011, the MFWG officially became a Center under the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (VINASME) in accordance with the Decision No. 238/QD-CTHH of the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises dated 5th September 2011 on the establishment of consulting Center on microfinance resources to small and medium enterprises (formerly the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group).


  • To enhance the positive impact of microfinance activities on poverty reduction and hunger elimination through the promotion of dialogue between stakeholders and policymakers in order to create an enabling environment for microfinance activities.
  • To promote development of sustainable microfinance by disseminating information, sharing experiences and to achieve consensus on important issues in microfinance activities in Vietnam


The current MFWG network includes more than 70 official members including individuals and representatives from more than 30 organizations operating in the microfinance sector in Vietnam.


  • Capacity building
  • Fund raising
  • Advocacy
  • Information dissemination
  • Data collection

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