A New Document for the Digital Library

Terre des hommes/ Foundation has the pleasure to publish a new and important document for the
digital library


This document describes Tdh’s approach and constitutes its policy against child trafficking. This policy defines Tdh’s main operating framework for anti-child trafficking projects.
The document serves as a reference and provides guidelines for the elaboration of anti-child trafficking projects. The policy is a mean to create coherence throughout Tdh anti-trafficking projects worldwide: http://www.tdh.ch/website/tdhch.nsf/pages/traffickingE

The document is divided into three sections. The first one serves to orient the reader to the issue of child trafficking, the second section focuses more specifically on Tdh’s anti-trafficking programming, and Section 3 provides information on practical actions implemented or supported by Tdh. The Tdh time-bound objective against child trafficking is defined in another official document "Plan of action of Terre des hommes against child trafficking, 2006-2009", available upon request to Mirela Shuteriqi : [email protected]