NGO Resource Centre Newsletter November 15 - 30, 2008

Dear Members & Friends,

Welcome to the NGO Resource Centre Newsletter for November 15 - 30, 2008.

First off this week, with the end-of-year Consultative Group (CG) Meeting approaching soon on December 4-5, the NGO RC has begun preparations for the drafting of the INGO Statement, which is is distributed to all participants during the event and compiled in relation to the different sessions of the draft CG agenda. It forms the basis for input from the three INGO Representatives at the meeting, who are elected by INGO members of the NGO RC. For more information on the meeting, current INGO Representatives and the election process, please click here.

The first draft of the statement has been compiled by the NGO RC, with input from the INGO Representatives and NGO RC Working Groups. The NGO RC is now inviting NGO RC members, NGO RC Working Groups and VNGOs invited to the CG meeting to provide input and comment on the draft by November 25, prior to an INGO Forum meeting at 3pm on November 28 at the NGO RC, where the statement will be formally endorsed by NGO RC members.

The NGO RC looks forward to your co-operation in presenting the views of the (I)NGO community in Vietnam to the Vietnamese Government and international donors. If you have not received a copy of the draft INGO Statement and would like to provide input or comment on the content, please contact [email protected].

As usual, the CG organisation team will arrange tables along the corridor outside the meeting hall of National Conference Center (NCC) for display and distribution of publications, brochures, newsletters and other outreach materials on development-related topics. If you would like to reserve space for your organisation, please contact Ms. Chi Kim Tran, tel 3934 6600 ext. 702; cellphone: 0903250256; e-mail:   [email protected] before 5 pm on 
November 25.

Please be advised that NCC will be available from 2-5pm on December 3 for publication arrangement and other settings. Your organisation is responsible for all the transportation and display of your publications during the meeting period. Ms. Chi will be at the NCC from 2pm on December 3 and can be reached at 0903250256 in case you need any help with the space.

To mark the 15th anniversary of CG meetings in Vietnam, there will also be a picture exhibition at the open space outside the meeting room in the form of display units measuring 0.6m X 1.6m. Each organisation will be assigned one standee for display information on their programmes and supports to Vietnam around the 15th anniversary theme. Please contact Ms. Chi by November 25, 2008 for more information.

There is one working group meeting coming up in the next few weeks: the Disaster Management Working Group meeting will be held on December 2 from 14:00 – 16:00 at the NGO Resource Centre.

See the Calendar section for more details.

All the best from the NGO RC Team.