CCWG Position Paper on Co-Benefits

A win-win situation. A call for better integration of adaptation, mitigation and development for the people in Vietnam most vulnerable to climate change.

In a context of limited resources, but rapidly increasing adaptation and mitigation costs and needs, there is a growing need for more harmonized, cost-effective and efficient measures in the response to climate change. Adaptation interventions that integrate mitigation, have significant socio-economic benefits, and target the most climate-vulnerable, is one of the most optimal and feasible solutions to this challenge.

What is the issue?

CCWG Position Paper on National Adaptation Plan

Addressing the adaptation challenge though civil society participation and a focus on vulnerable groups in the National Adaptation Plan process in Vietnam. 

There is a sobering gap between adaptation needs and the current reality of adaptation. This holds not only with regards to finance, but also with respect to technology, knowledge, and capacity, as recent UN reports reveal. Given that global warming proceeds faster than predicted and that ambitious mitigation actions are not being taken, the need for adaptation will be increasing. This will widen the current adaptation gap even more and it means bad news for countries like Vietnam that are already highly vulnerable to climate change.

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