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Hi CEWGers


Thank your all for your attendance yesterday. I think we can all agree the speakers were excellent.  Viet Anh’s presentation really spoke to the idea that not all CSR is good CSR and the need for better programming. And in terms of the panel I think Mike said it best ‘the combination of a US perspective from Marybeth, a VN business perspective from you, and Ginny’s historical perspective really contributed to a terrific panel’. 


Some of the panelist’s contact details are below more to follow in the next mail out. I’m still waiting on confirmation from Marybeth and Viet Anh. A copy of Viet Anh’s presentation will be disseminated soon. Feel free to contact them directly if you have follow up questions


Name: Nguyen Thi Thu Trang     

Organization: Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry       

Contact: thutrangvcci at gmail.com


Name: Ginny 

Organization: Bay Global Strategies

Contact: vbfoote at bayglobalstrategies.com


If you have suggestions for future speakers please use the format below (ie name, specialty….) and I will add it to the Speakers list. If you would like to deliver an internal presentation at next meeting please also use this format. This will make it easier to disseminate speakers bios and other information before the next meeting.  





Programmatic or Institutional: 

Suggested by:   


Topics, Availability: 



Our next meeting will be on the 5th of May after the public holiday. 


Date: Tuesday, 5 May 2015
Time: 2:00 pm (14:00 hrs)
Venue: Child Fund Vietnam Office, ​Level 2, Phu Dien Building

Address: 83A Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

The agenda will likely include:

1. Reflection on previous meeting and update from members

2. 1-2 External speaker(s) and a Q&A
3. 1 Internal presentation from a group member
4. Mapping (discussion paper to be circled beforehand)
5. CEWG Admin and close 


Please sign up to the mailing list if you haven’t yet. You can find it at http://ngocentre.org.vn/mailman/listinfo/cewg.


I have sent a list of attendees to the NGO resource center. I am not sure if cross checking based solely on names and organizations (rather than emails) will be all that effective. But we are doing what we can to make sure we include everyone. The best contact at the NGO resource centre is Thu Ha. I already mentioned that Pham Quang Hung from AFAP and Bianca Rayner from VECO are missing from the list. You can email her directly haphan at ngocentre.org.vn or at wgcngorc at gmail.com 


Thank you to Child Fund Vietnam for hosting our next meeting and Nga from Care international for offering to do the minutes. 


As always feedback welcome, and the mailing list is here as a platform for discussion


I have attached a copy of the article used as a basis for our mapping ‘Types of corporate responsibility and engagement with NGOs, an exploration of business and societal outcomes’ and a copy of the CEWG Goal, Objectives and Priorities slide from the meeting.


Extra links below;


Rules of Origin Can Make or Break the Trans-Pacific Partnership By Derek Scissors




Common Myths About the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Yarn Forward Rule of Origin from the TPP Apparel Coalition




Mandatory CSR in India: help or hindrance? By Neeta Lal 




Vietnamese Businesses Position in TPP Negotiations, by Nguyen Thi Thu Trang 




VCCI’s Website




Have a great weekend! 


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