[Ngo-lwg] Invitation to 3rd April event on the occasion of Mine Action Day

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Dear Friends,
Am in London, and want to wish the event all success.
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Please kindly find the invitation letter to LWG members for attending the livebroadcast program “ A LIFE OF PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT” which will be organized by The National Mine Action Steering Committee 504 in response to theInternational Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action. The eventwill be conducted at:    WHERE: Theatre Voice of Vietnam, 58 Quan Su Str., Hoan KiemDistrict, Hanoi  WHEN: 20.00-21.30, 3rd April 2015   VVAF is asked by MOLISA, the event organizer, to supportthem sending the invitations to the international stakeholders working in theareas of mine action and support for people with disability. The hard copyinvitations will be sent by MOLISA later on. In addition, kindly be noted that translationwill be provided during the event.  
We attached herewith the invitation in English and Vietnamese, in case you don’treceive the hard copy invitation, please print and bring with you to the event.Should you need further information, please kindly let us know.    Your participation are highly appreciated!

Best regards, IC-VVAF TEAM    Le Thi ThuHuong (Ms) DeputyProgram Manager The International Center-VVAF (IC-VVAF)  4th Floor,Viet Hong Building,  58 Tran NhanTong Str., Ha Noi, Vietnam Tel:(84)-37339.444 Fax:(84)-37339.445 Mob:(84)-91.222.1981 Web: www.theintlcenter.org        
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