Meeting minutes & presentation of core-group meeting 20 June 2014

After the core-group meeting on June 20th 2014, several action points for thematic group to follow up were listed as below:


 - Each group will have a meeting to discuss on how to involve in Southern Voices program as well as in joint activities with DMHCC/MONRE. CCWG Coordinator & Development Advisor will involve/support these meetings.

 a.       - Adaptation group will have a meeting in the next 2 week (CARE & Oxfam will have an initial discussion next week preparing for meeting)

 b.      - CCWG Coordinator will follow with Mitigation & ABC group 

- Core members are kindly requested to input on the workplan with DMHCC and Southern Voices program's activities

- Core member will send tentative topic of up-coming monthly meeting

- All member will send event information to CCWG Coordinator once you want to share it in CCWG website.