The Procedures of Issuing Certificate of Registration of PACCOM

Requested Documents for issuance of Certificate of Registration: 01  document dossier (any document written in a foreign language must be accompanied by a valid certified Vietnamese translation version), including:

1.1 Documents requesting for new Certificate of Registration of Operation:

1.1.1. 01 application letter of the foreign non-governmental organization signed by the authorized person, comprising the following major contents:
- Full and abbreviated names, headquarters address of the organization;
- Mandate and objectives;
- Brief description of the history and development of the organization;
- Financial sources and capacity;
- Programs, projects and/or plan(s) of operation in Vietnam;
- Commitment to abide by the laws of Vietnam and respect the traditional customs and norms of Vietnam.

1.1.2. 01 duly consular-legalized copy of Statutes or by-laws of the foreign non-governmental organization, except otherwise stipulated by provisions of international treaties of which Vietnam is a signatory or a member.

1.1.3 The original  or 01 duly  consular-legalized copy  of  the certification of the organization’s  legal  status  issued  by a competent  authority  of the country of establishment or headquarters, except otherwise stipulated by provisions of international treaties of which Vietnam is a signatory or a member.

Added: official translation (Dich cong chung) and Certifying of these 2 docs by Vietnamese Embassy

1.1.4. 01 list of programs/projects which will be implemented in Vietnam in future, the following information should be included: title of the programs/projects, duration, geographical areas, Vietnam partners, budget (list of programs/projects in the next 03 years are recommended).

1.1.5. Curriculum Vitae, included copy of valid passport (for foreign representative in Vietnam) or copy of identification (for Vietnamese citizen).

Added: official translation and certifying of the CV at the District People’s Committee

1.1.6 Judicial records:
- Judicial record from Vietnam for Country Representative (CR)  (@ So Tu Phap)
- Judicial record from CR’s home country
- Certifying of judicial record from Vietnamese Embassy in CR’s home country

1.1.7. Duplicated copies of all documents are recommended