Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of Disaster Management Working Group in April 2010

This is Meeting minutes of Disaster Management Working Group in April 2010

Proceedings Mekong Conference 2010

The International Conference on Environmental Change, Agricultural Sustainability and Economic Development in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam was held in Can Tho province in March 2010. Please click the link below to read the proceedings:

Proceedings Mekong Conference 2010

HCMC CRWG meeting minutes - 11.03.2010

Meeting 11th March 2010


1    Review of the minutes from 14.01.2010
2    Agree on the 5 principles of the HCMC CRWG
3    Steps to develop a Child Protection Policy with a review of the various instruments that constitute it.
4    Sharing of Child Protection-related activities by the participants

Ch??ng trình h?p d? ki?n nh? sau:
1    Xem l?i biên b?n cu?c h?p ngày 14.01.2010
2    Th?ng nh?t 5 nguyên t?c c?a Nhóm Ho?t ??ng vì Quy?n Tr? em Tp. HCM
3    Các b??c xây d?ng m?t Chính sách B?o v? Tr? em, xem qua các công c? khác nhau ?? t?o nên m?t chính sách

HCMC CRWG meeting minutes - 14.01.2010

Child Rights Working Group 14.01.2010


- Warm-up exercise

- Information on the results of the survey on CPP resources (in attachment) 

- Sharing of some organisations' examples of child protection policies or procedures

- Presentation, discussion and agreement on common principles and basic standards of child protection (in attachment)

- Sharing of the idea of setting deadlines for the implementation of certain procedures within the member organisations

- Discussion on possible joint action and/or activities

HCMC Child Rights Working Group Meeting Minutes 14 January 2010

The minutes from the first meeting in 2010 of the Ho Chi Minh City Child Right's Working Group. Held on 14th January 2010 in HCMC. These are in English and the Vietnamese language version will be available soon.

Meeting minutes of Climate Change Working Group January 2010

Meeting minutes of Climate Change Working Group January 2010

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