List of Projects Funded by the Vietnamese Government - Vietnamese Version

A list of projects that are funded by the Vietnamese government, in Vietnamese

Staff Categories and Standard Competencies Table for I/NGOs

A table for I/NGOs of staff categories and competencies

Invitation to INGOs to participate in the 2005 Salary and Benefits Survey

An invitation to INGOs to participate in the 2005 Salary and Benefits survey, prepared by the NGO Resource Centre

Bi-Annual Report Form for COMINGO

A bi-annual report form to be filled in by foreign NGOs for COMINGO, created in 2006

General Information & Updates on Avian Influenza

General information and online resources for Avian Influenza

INGO Avian Influenza Matrix

A spreadsheet of INGOs to contact for Avian Influenza

Contact Persons for Avian Influenza

A spreadsheet of contact persons and organizations for Avian Influenza

Vietnam Development Indicators

A series of development indicators and rankings in Vietnam from 2002-2005

Emergency Relief from PACCOM

A letter written by PACCOM (The People's Aid Coordinating Committee) addressed to all foreign NGOs in Vietnam regarding emergency relief to victims of heavy rains, floods, and whirlwinds in Central provinces

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