EMWG Terms of Reference (EN)

Terms of Reference for Ethnic Minorities Working Group

Concept Paper capacity building workshop


Concept paper sharing workshop on practical experiences on building capacity in community participatory socio-economic development plan at communal level - ethnic minority areas


Terms of Reference of the  Ethnic Minorities Working Group (revised)

EMWG Database 2006

Database of organizations working with ethnic minorities

IV MMSEA Announcement, May 2005

IV MMSEA Announcement on Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and poverty alleviation in upland mainland South-east Asia at the EMWG meeting on May 06-19, 2005

Grassroots Democracy and Ethnic Minority - Presented by Pamela McElwee

EMWG Meeting on Grassroots Democracy and Ethnic Minorities presented by Pamela McElwee on September 30, 2005

Intellectual Property Rights Law (VN)

Intellectual Property Rights Law at the EMWG meeting on March 07, 2006

Biosafety regulation decision (EN)

Biosafety regulation decision at the EMWG meeting on March 07, 2006

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