Welcome to the NGO Resource Centre Newsletter for August 1 – 15, 2009!

As a part of the ongoing campaign, launched by the The Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin, there will be a meeting 'The Justice and the Heart' held on Saturday (8 August) starting at 20:30 hrs in Hanoi Cultural Palace, Tran Hung Dao 91. Please come and join other guests in commemorating the Day for the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange, including the leaders of the Party and the State of Vietnam, diplomatic corps, representatives from ministries and international organizations. For more details contact PACCOM at [email protected]

LIN Centre for Community Development has opened its new office; and launched its activities on 1 August 2009. LIN is located at 71-75 Hai Ba Trung, Lau 6, Phuong Ben Nghe, Quan 1, Ho Chi Minh City. LIN will promote thoughtful philanthropy and support grassroots not-for-profits in their efforts to improve the quality of life in and around Ho Chi Minh City. Their contact phone is +84 (8) 3824-6091, email [email protected] and the website

There are three Working Group meetings taking place during August and in early September: Climate Change Working Group – Core Group on 6 August (14:00 hrs); Disaster Management Working Group on 7 August (14:00 hrs); Child Rights Working Group on 9 September (14:00 hrs). All meetings will take place at the NGO RC. Please check our calendar section for more events.

Warm summer greetings from the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre's Team!