Trainers on Proposal Writing Skills

Position: Trainers on Proposal Writing Skills

USAID’s Vietnam Forests and Deltas program (VFD) will support acceleration of Vietnam’s transition to climate-resilient, low emission, sustainable development by improving land-use planning and forest and natural resource management and engaging communities in development of action plans to address climate risks and vulnerabilities.

The program will inform ongoing GVN efforts to develop and implement its National Target Program to Respond to Climate Change and the nascent Green Growth Strategy.

Through an evidence-based cycle of analysis, demonstration, evaluation, and replication, the team will empower GVN, communities, and non-governmental organizations to develop inclusive, equitable solutions tailored to the unique characteristics and challenges of Vietnam’s forests and deltas. The Winrock team’s approach prioritizes linkages between mitigation and adaption to develop a comprehensive, integrated response to climate change.

Vietnam Forests and Deltas will focus on two main areas:

1. Support adoption of land-use practices that slow, stop, and reverse emissions from deforestation and degradation of forests and other landscapes, and
2. Increase resilience of people, places, and livelihoods in delta areas through assistance on adaptation and disaster risk management.

One of expected results of the project is to provide the capacity building and technical assistance to government agencies and social organizations in management, administration, or additional areas and enable them to access, manage and utilize the effective of resources.

To support the required capacity building activities to the government agencies, technical departments and social organizations, VFD is seeking an experienced consultant to implement the following requirements:

1. Scope of Work and Activities:

The Trainers will be responsible to provide training on Proposal Writing Skills (provision of general concept and support for specific proposal development on rice, potato and shrimp for Nam Dinh; rice and maize for Long An) to the relevant technical department staff in Nam Dinh and Long An. The Trainers will be required to review the successful and unsuccessful proposals to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threatens (SWOT) of each proposals and provide training on proposal writing skills.

The Trainers will required to demonstrate skills, methods and knowledge on proposal writing skills and using participatory and on the job training approaches.

The Trainers will be expected to perform the following duties:

  • Conducting quick needs assessment for the training on proposal writing skill to identify strengths, weaknesses and needs of improvement on proposal writing.
  • Based on the results of needs assessment to develop participatory training programs on project proposal writing skills to the relevant department staff in Nam Dinh and Long An including DARD, DONRE, Provincial Red Cross, Women’s Union, Youth Union, Farmer’s Union and relevant organizations. Training programs should be focused on all steps of proposal writing including participatory needs assessment to identify goals, objectives and results expected from target beneficiary groups, content of project and its focused activities, project location and time schedule of activities, resources for carrying out the project, cost and income sources, description of the implementing organizations and partners, project team and management, monitoring and evaluation, follow up risk assessment, assumptions and internal monitoring of progress. The training will involve participant’s discussion individual ‘proposal concept notes” for funding and revising these concepts through the training. These concept notes will be prepared by individuals prior to the training.
  • The Trainers will provide key skills in proposal writing skills on different aspects including livelihoods, climate change adaptation, agriculture - aquaculture development, etc.
  • Providing five day training program to each province of Nam Dinh and Long An relevant staff (25 - 30 people) in participatory and on the job training approaches to ensure that participants are able to absorb the knowledge sufficiently and apply into project proposal writing skills and fundraising.
  • The Trainers will be required to provide follow up technical assistance to the participants as they work on proposals, with the method of on the job training to ensure that the training participants will practice proposal writing in a specific topic. The proposal topic will be discussed and decided by each participant during the training. Together with the PPMU, the Consultant will draft an assignment schedule to ensure that the training participants will complete each proposal writing step.
  • Developing a guideline for proposal writing
  • Writing final training report which reflect results of the training, recommendations of participants and proposed follow up work plan for each participant.
  • Work closely with other Nam Dinh and Long An Provincial Project Management Unit (PPMU) and VFD personnel who will contribute to training.

2. Time and location

Exactly time schedule of each capacity building activity will be discussed with the PPMUs. The training venue is in Nam Dinh and Long An.

3. Supervision

The Trainers will be expected to perform the duties under the overall supervision of VFD’s Team Leader of Adaptation. He will coordinate and cooperate with Nam Dinh and Long An PPMU and the relevant staff to implement the duties as mentioned in the TORs.

4. Final Products and Deliverables (in both Vietnamese and English)

  • Approved training program and working schedule
  • A guideline for proposal writing
  • Final training documents and materials in Microsoft World
  • 3 draft proposals on rice, potato and shrimp for Nam Dinh and rice and maize for Long An.
  • Final training report
  • Plan of follow up technical assistance for finalizing the 5 proposals mentioned above.

5. Required qualifications and experience

  • At least Master degree (or equivalent experience) in the related field
  • Minimum ten (10) years of professional experience in a field related capacity building and training;
  • Proven skills in capacity building of local government agencies and technical departments, with experience providing trainings on the above mentioned topics;
  • Previous working experience with USAID funded project is an advantage
  • Fluent in written and spoken Vietnamese and English.

6. How to apply

Interested candidates with the right qualifications and motivation are invited to send: 1) Full CV in English; 2) Proposal addressing the understanding of the assignment (including relevant background); 3) short methodology, 4) work plan, 5) budget proposal, 6) evidence of technical capacity and relevant experience; 7) three references, including contact details by email to the following address: [email protected] with subject line of “Training on Proposal Writing Skills” no later than 5 September, 2014.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview

Job Details
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Winrock International
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2014-09-05