Consultancy Service for Production of Video Clip for Spice for Equality (GREAT) Project



Production video clip for Spice for Equality (GREAT) Project


Project title: Spice for Equality (GREAT) Project

Location: Lao Cai province, Vietnam

Duration: August - September 2021

1.   Introduction

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation is a not-for-profit international development organisation. Founded in the Netherlands in 1965, we have built a long-term country presence in over 29 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Our global team of local and international advisors works with local partners to equip communities, businesses, and organizations with the tools, knowledge, and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services - empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and guide their own development.

SNV has been working in Vietnam since 1995, and currently has over 40 national and international staff. SNV Vietnam’s team works hand-in-hand with communities, government agencies, and businesses in more than 50 provinces, including the remotest and poorest areas of the country. Our work focuses on three sectors - Agriculture, Energy, and Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene (WASH) - and three cross-cutting themes: Climate Change, Gender, and Inclusive Business. By continuing to focus on these interconnected areas and adapting and expanding our approach within them, we will reach more people in Vietnam and beyond and ensure that they have every opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

The “Market development and competitiveness enhancement for cinnamon products to promote women's economic empowerment in Lao Cai province project” – or “Spice for Equality” for short – is a program being implemented by SNV Netherlands Development Organization in partnership with Department of Agricultural and Rural Development of Lao Cai province (DARD). The project funded by an Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

The project strong focus on gender transformation, which will address barriers to women’s participation cinnamon value-chains, and better support women’s genuine economic empowerment. It will link women producers and entrepreneurs with each other to increase opportunities for women’s collective action and will strengthen links between women and other value-chain actors to create opportunities for women’s economic participation. In this way, “Spice for Equality” adds value to existing interventions with the targeted populations (in Bac Ha and Van Ban districts) by promoting a gendered value chain approach that is specifically designed to focus on improving the skills and enabling environment for ethnic minority women – one of the most economically marginalized groups in the country. By working to overcome these gender-based barriers to social and economic development, “Spice for Equality” will contribute to overall poverty reduction and the promotion of gender equality in Lao Cai province.

For documenting and sharing the project's approach and results through video clips, SNV is looking for a consultant(s) in Lao Cai province to produce a series of video clips according to the following specific content and requirements below.

2.    Consultancy description

2.1. Objectives

Producing a series of video clips, including: 02 videos from 5-7 minutes; 01 video from 12-15 minutes, aims to communicate and share with stakeholders about the interventions, results, and impacts of the “Spice for Equality” Project in building the cinnamon sector value chain, and empowering ethnic minority women. Farmers, businesses involved in the production, processing, and export of cinnamon, as well as agencies and organizations interested in the issue, are among the target audiences. These video clips will be broadcasted on Lao Cai Province Television and Radio, uploaded to the internet, as well as used in upcoming events and workshops of SNV and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Lao Cai province, and on SNV's social channels.

2.2. Scope of work

  • Collect and study documents (documents, photos) about the project and related documents.
  • Work with the project team to develop scripts/dialogues to develop the content of the videos.
  • Expected outputs of this video series include:
    - 02 thematic video clips, 5-7 minutes in length for each video, with topics:
    • Ethnic minority women participate in cinnamon production
    • Improve production capacity, connect cinnamon market and develop organic cinnamon industry in Lao Cai province

    - 01 video with a length of 13 - 15 minutes about the cinnamon sector in Lao Cai and the intervention activities and results of the "Spicy for Equality" (GREAT) project

  • Shooting scenes and interviewing stakeholders in Lao Cai province and the cinnamon value chain.
  • Process and edit footage/illustrations to make professional video clips.
  • SNV will assist consultants in connecting with stakeholders in the project sites.

2.3. Timeline

The consultant(s) will work from August 27 and hand over the final product by September 25 at the latest.




Timeline (in 2021)


Recruitment & Interview

September – W1



September – W2


Field filming trip in Lao Cai province

September – W2


Process and edit footage

September – W3


Final products delivery

Before September 25, 2021


2.4 Deliverables

  • 03 draft videos for SNV to comment on in editing.
  • Final video product: 03 video clips approved by SNV and Lao Cai Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and will be broadcasted on Lao Cai province Television and Radio.
  • All raw footage will be handed over to SNV.
  • Video needs to comply with communication guidelines, not infringing copyright laws.

2.5 Consultant qualifications

  • Have produced similar video clips.
  • Consultant(s) is a reporter and technician residing in Lao Cai province.
  • Experience in filmmaking on development, especially in agricultural value chains, is an advantage.
  • Have a creative, inspirational, and artistic filmmaking style.
  • Experience working locally and with ethnic minority communities. 

3.   Remuneration

A lump-sum to cover fee, as appropriate, will be paid upon satisfactory completion of the assignment. Remuneration will be subject to the qualification of the consultant and to agreement on services provided by the consultant in relation to the SNV’s financial regulation.

The contract will be in form of lump sum with the proposed total budget covering consultancy fee, VAT/PIT tax.

4.   Submission of Interests:

Interested consultant(s) are requested to submit interest letter with profile/CV, example(s) of video(s) (mandatory) and proposed lump-sum cost to the link:

5.   Deadline for application:  17:00, 26/08/2021.

The TORs in Vietnamese can be found in the file attached.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Vị trí: 
Lao Cai
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2021-08-26