Call for Proposals: Designing Moodle Website and Self-guided Online Course on Process-oriented Child Monitoring

Call for proposals

Designing the VVOB Moodle website and a self-guided online course on process-oriented child monitoring


VVOB is a non-profit organisation with over 35 years of experience in improving the quality of education systems from a rights-based perspective. VVOB has currently long-term partnerships with education actors in 9 countries in the South (Cambodia, DR Congo, Ecuador, Rwanda, South Africa, Suriname, Vietnam, Zambia and Uganda) and in Belgium/Flanders. Its annual budget is around 13 million euros.

In Vietnam, VVOB is currently implementing the following programmes/projects:

  • Mitigating Preschool Children’s Barriers to Learning in Disadvantaged and Ethnically Diverse Districts (BaMi), funded by the Belgian Federal Government, Directorate General for Development Cooperation (DGD).
  • Integrating Play-based Learning Activities for Young learners (iPLAY) (2019-2023), funded by The LEGO Foundation.

This call focusses on the BaMi programme that started in 2017 and will be completed in 2021. 


Through this consultancy, VVOB’s aims are twofold:

  • upgrade its VVOB Vietnam’s Moodle design
  • design a self-guided Moodle course on process-oriented child monitoring

VVOB Vietnam has a Moodle Cloud website with a basic VVOB-themed design which is currently only used by VVOB staff to develop online courses and to practice within Moodle. An online course on process-oriented child monitoring is available in a rudimentary format as well. 

The main objectives of this consultancy can be summarised as follows:

  • To upgrade VVOB Vietnam’s Moodle design to:
    • be visually appealing
    • engage users through playful and creative design
    • offer the most optimal user experience and interface
  • To design a professional self-guided Moodle course on process-oriented child monitoring with following criteria:
    • user-friendly interface
    • visually appealing
    • designed with gamification elements
    • variety of challenging, interactive and engaging learning components
    • variety of automated assessments and pre-programmed feedback and tips
    • allows for practice via interactive stories and videos
    • high-quality audio-visual materials
    • downloadable interactive process-oriented child monitoring guide (cfr. Issuu flipbook)


We are looking for a team of Moodle specialists and instructional designers who have experience with designing playful courses for teachers.

The proposed team of consultants should meet following requirements:

  • At least 5 years of experience with designing Moodle websites and online courses
  • Proven experience designing online courses with gamification elements
  • Proven experience designing professional development courses for education professionals
  • Demonstrate creative and out-of-the-box ideas

Able to work with materials delivered in Vietnamese and English


VVOB invites teams of consultants that meet the eligibility criteria to submit a clear and elaborate proposal with following requirements:

  • Company’s profile - if applicable
  • Company’s/consultant’s registration document, banking details confirmed by bank, the financial statements of the last 3 years – if applicable
  • CV of proposed consultants
  • A sample of a Moodle design/design proposal based on VVOB’s perceived image
  • A sample of the team’s portfolio
  • At least 3 reference contacts of previous work assignments
  • Proposed timeline and key activities for the completion of the assignments
  • A breakdown of the costs of the single elements: design of Moodle website, development of online course and the sub-components to develop the course (automated assessments, interactive videos, etc). All costs proposed are tax and other fees included. This quotation also needs to include sufficient information: names, addresses and phone numbers of suppliers, duration of quotation validity, payment method and payment term.

The breakdown should be presented following our template.

Proposals are sent to the following e-mail addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]

The closing date for proposals is 6th September 2021, 09:00AM VN Time

Please read the full Call for Proposals in the attachment.

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Mon, 2021-09-06