Team Lead for the Disability Private Sector Landscape Analysis

Team Lead for the Disability Private Sector Landscape Analysis

USAID Learns Contract

Hanoi, Vietnam

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About Social Impact

Social Impact (SI) is a global development management consulting firm which provides monitoring, evaluation, strategic planning, and capacity building services to advance development effectiveness. In Vietnam, SI is implementing the USAID Learns program to support USAID staff and partners to implement more efficient, effective, and transparent programs.

Position Background:

Disability Project's goal is to further improve the availability, accessibility, quality, and sustainability of services for persons with disabilities (rehabilitation, social services, etc.) and promote persons with disabilities' social participation. Private sector partners are key stakeholders, together with GVN, CSOs/NGOs, and USAID wants to improve the PSE to achieve this goal.

The United Nation’s World Health Organization (WHO)'s rehabilitation updates showed that the need for rehabilitation is high, however the demand for services is low due to low awareness of the services/needs/demand, limited-service availability, (especially in remote areas and low resource settings), the service price is not affordable. This affects supply too.


USAID/Vietnam intends to conduct an assessment on Disability Private Sector Landscape Analysis (PSLA). This review will aim to understand the state of private sector engagement in providing services to person with disabilities by answering the following (but not limited to) questions with reference to this discussion note on How to Conduct a PSLA:

  • What is the general state of the private sector in Vietnam in engaging in providing services to persons with disabilities? What are the challenges and barriers to their engagement and investments?
  • What are the Vietnamese private sector's perspectives on engaging in disabilities-related services?
  • Based on what we learn, what are potential strategies to engage the private sector in disabilities-related services?

Position Description

USAID Learns is seeking an international or national Team Leader to lead the assessment.S/he will provide leadership for the team, develop the research design, coordinate activities, arrange periodic meetings, consolidate individual input from team members. S/he will lead the process of communicating with the team, assembling findings and recommendations into participatory events and high-quality deliverables. S/he will take overall responsibility for analysis and write the final report.


The Team Lead will:

  • Line-manage the consultant team
  • Lead desk review, initial stakeholder consultation, and identify additional information/analyses required
  • Lead the team to prepare and present an inception report that includes research design, methodologies, analysis strategies, work plan, and timelines to USAID and partners, including comments on a contingency plan to adapt the research considering potential epidemic control restrictions
  • Lead and oversee data collection effort, consultation with implementing partners and private sectors based upon research/logistical needs 
  • Take responsibility for ongoing data analysis and iteratively develop findings, conclusions, and recommendations  
  • Write the assessment report in coordination with team members, taking into consideration feedback from a preliminary-findings session 
  • Take the lead in preparation and presentation of the key findings, conclusions, and recommendations to USAID, key stakeholders, private sector, and research users following SI's and USAID's standards
  • Take responsibility to lead the team to respond to USAID and USAID Learns' comments and feedback and deliver high-quality deliverables that meet USAID and SI's standards


With support from USAID Learns, and two team members, the Team Lead will be expected to take overall responsibility for the production and management of the following:

Inception Report: A detailed, full body report following an initial consultation with key stakeholders, featuring key definitions, research design, [2] chosen methodologies, and data collection tools.

Inbrief: A PowerPoint/Google Slides presentation summarizing the Inception Report for USAID/Vietnam and key partners prior to the launch of data collection.

Findings Conclusions and Recommendations (FCR) Matrix: An analysis tool through which data is triangulated and findings, conclusions, and recommendations specific to each research question are produced. Two FCR matrixes are expected, a preliminary document after the first full week of data collection, and a final matrix at the end of the data analysis period.

Validation Event: An event where the team will present the preliminary findings of the research to USAID and key stakeholders, or representatives of key stakeholder groups, who acted as respondents in the research process through a PowerPoint/Google Slides presentation and discussion. This event, supported by USAID/Vietnam Learns in Hanoi, will help validate findings in front of actors and develop/co-develop user-driven recommendations. The research team will consider partners' comments, develop recommendations, and report accordingly.

Utilization Event: An event where the team will present a refined PowerPoint/Google Slides presentation and instigate discussions for eventual users of the research. With support from USAID/Vietnam Learns in Hanoi, this event is intended to encourage agreement on how to operationalize recommendations, collaborate, and follow up on progress in preparation for activity extension.

Outbrief: The team will present the key findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the wider USAID/Vietnam Mission through a PowerPoint/google slides presentation.

Draft Report: A draft report with fully developed findings, conclusions, and recommendations, no longer than 30 pages excluding annexes, will be submitted to the USAID activity manager and Learns COR (by Learns). The format will include an executive summary, table of contents, methodology, findings, and recommendations. USAID/Vietnam and key local stakeholders will provide comments on the draft report.

Final Report: The team will submit a final report that incorporates responses to USAID's/partner's comments and suggestions. The report will be submitted electronically in English. The report will be disseminated within USAID and key stakeholders.

Qualifications and skills:

The Team Lead must have/hold:

  • At least 5 years of senior-level experience working on private sector engagement
  • A postgraduate degree in business development, economics, public health, or a suitably related field
  • Extensive experience in leading research teams and preparing high-quality documents
  • Experience in conducting PSLAs
  • Excellent oral communication and written skills
  • Demonstrated experience in communicating with local stakeholders and private sector

Preferably, the applicant will possess:

  • A background related to private sector engagement
  • Experience working with international donors, especially USAID.

Level of Effort (LOE):            Up to 65 days. 

Expected timeline:                February 2022 – August 20222

The closing date for application: February 15, 2022. Selection and interview will be performed on a rolling basis, and interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.  

To apply, please merge both your CV and a cover letter into one pdf file and submit it through the online portal. 

To learn more about Social Impact, please visit our website:

SI is an EEO/AA/ADA Veterans Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.  

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. Please, no phone calls. 

[1]At USAID Learns, we value the utilization of research findings and stakeholders’ opinions, hence communicating research designs, findings, and recommendations with potential users are considered as important as conducting the research. Sufficient time and effort will be provided for the preparation of PowerPoint/Google Slides presentations and dry-runs of all events including Inbrief, Validation Event, Outbrief, Utilization Event and the Dissemination Event.

[2]Research design shall be developed in close consultation with key local stakeholders and demonstrated in a Research Design Matrix.

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USAID Learns - Social Impact
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Tue, 2022-02-15