Consultancy for Service of Training, Assistance and Coaching for Micro-Business Models


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Consultancy for Service of Training, Assistance and Coaching for Micro-Business Models

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Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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Estimated Start Date:

As soon as possible

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5 PM, 05 March 2023

VN2023/HN/004 (C)


I.     Background

IOM Viet Nam has been implementing the “Tackling Modern Slavery in Viet Nam” (TMSV) project since October 2018, which is designed to address all four pillars of counter trafficking: Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Partnership. In this third phase, IOM will strategically engage with partners including organizations and governmental agencies at both central and provincial levels in a coherent and holistic approach across all pillars.

Under the Prevention component, the project takes two-pronged approach to promote safe and regular migration through (i) behaviour change communication campaigns and (ii) skills building for improved access to employment and microenterprises for community-based livelihoods development. The second prong seeks to support expanding  livelihood opportunities in the target communities, to enable aspiring migrants to consider all available options when considering migration, to ensure that they do not regard “migration at all costs” as the only possible path for their better future.

Skills building for improved access to employment program is mainly targeted for young people in the communities assessed to be vulnerable to people smuggling and human trafficking[1], those who are preparing to enter the workforce but not equipped with right skills and information to search for, and access decent job opportunities in regular manner.

Microenterprises for community-based development program is targeted for those who are unemployed or under-employed in the communities assessed to be vulnerable to people smuggling and human trafficking, and those who have existing skills that could grow into microenterprises to provide income for their families and potentially create more local job/business opportunities.

This consultancy for the microenterprise program is to work with IOM team to identify the eligible candidates, assess their capacities and aspirations to design business plans that are in line with local economic context, and to support building microenterprises that can generate viable income to support the beneficiaries and their families. Among others, it is expected that the consultant help each beneficiary to map out the value chain for their respective microenterprise plan, and provide the beneficiaries with tailored support in planning, producing/manufacturing, marketing and other.

The target for this program is 45 successful microenterprises per province (Quang Binh, Ha Tinh, Nghe An and Hai Phong), to be established in the period between March 2023 and March 2025.  The success of each established microenterprise will be evaluated by, among others, the increase in monthly income of the beneficiary household.

II.   Scope of the assignment

1. Overall objective

The overall objective is to identify the eligible candidates in collaboration with IOM and Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DoLISA), to assess their capacities, aspirations and success factors to design and implement individually tailored business plans, and to provide technical  trainings and tailored coaching to help their businesses to grow and thrive.

2. Specific objectives

In order to assist 180 microenterprises in four provinces (45 in each: Quang Binh, Ha Tinh, Nghe An, and Hai Phong) to start and operate their businesses, the consultant is required to meet the following specific objectives:

  1. To equip the target beneficiaries with knowledge and ability to formulate their business plans, and operate it to generate incomes, and monitor their businesses in a longer-term .
  2. To provide tailored mentoring and coaching to the target beneficiaries from the business development to financing, operation set-up and business management stages.  
  3. To help link these models with networks of similar businesses and markets within provinces and in the country.

3. Tasks

The selected consultant is expected to undertake the following tasks, as well as to consult and coordinate with IOM and Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs

  • Conduct the desk review of IOM and external materials in order to get better understanding of target population groups under this program
  • Convene consultation with IOM and DoLISA to create a workplan and eligibility criteria that will be used to guide DoLISA in the selection of right candidates for this support
  • Lead the business trainings for all selected candidates which cover all fundamental knowledge and know-how on business development, financing and operation set-up
  • Follow up with all candidates on their businesses throughout the whole business cycle (development, financing, operation set-up and management phase)
  • Closely monitor to ensure all businesses to generate sufficient income for their households
  • Proactively connect these business models with the similar ones in the province and nation-wide for knowledge exchange and learning.                 

III. Expected deliverables

The following deliverables need to be submitted to IOM for payment:


Tentative Timeline

i. Completion of procurement and contracting process

March 2023

ii. A detailed workplan which include activity timeline and beneficiary eligibility criteria based on the desk review and in consultation with IOM and DoLISAs Business profiles of all selected candidates in coordination with IOM and DoLISA

April 2023

iii. Business training package including:

  • Training materials for business development, financing, operations and management skills that include case studies and best practices relevant to the specific locality, demographic and skillsets of the beneficiaries.
  • Resource materials, especially relating to sector of their choices (for example start-up on homestay service, or seafood processing etc)
  • Handouts to training participants
  • Monitoring tools including pre/post test and post-training evaluation
  • Any other learning materials if necessary

May 2023

iv. Delivery of relevant trainings based on individualized needs assessment

May 2023 – June 2023

v. A detailed mentoring/coaching plan for each business model

June 203

vi. Delivery of in-kind support to selected microenterprises in coordination with IOM and DoLISAs

June – August 2023 for cohort 2023

Jan – Feb 2024 for cohort 2024

vii. Implementation of mentoring and coaching plan for the identified microenterprises.

March 2023 – March 2025

viii. A quarterly monitoring and report on activities implemented and all business models supported (i.e., showing how the businesses are operational, etc.)

Starting from the signing date

IV. Duration of the assignment

The envisaged time frame of this consultancy starts in March 2023 and end in March 2025.

V.   Reporting

The consultant will be expected to submit quarterly reports and completion report to IOM while the regular monitoring and supervision throughout the process should be put in place.

VI. Qualification and experience

The consultant needs to demonstrate a strong track record of working in the areas of livelihood assistance and proven experience of working in four provinces (Quang Binh, Ha Tinh, Nghe An, and Hai Phong)

Technical Skills:

  • Strong expertise in providing services of livelihood assistance, business development etc
  • Experience in conducting business training programs for the participants of similar background.
  • Expertise in providing business mentoring for small business owners
  • Experience on raising social accountability for these businesses

Networks and Partnerships:

  • Strong partnerships/networks with relevant actors (state and non-state) at provincial level which enable opportunities to take advantage of existing business associations and provincial policies to support microenterprises
  • Strong networks in the province in order to help the business models link with value chains and local market

VII.  Application

Applicants must submit their proposals and attachments via email to [email protected]

All proposals must be clearly marked in the subject “[TMSV3] - Proposals for Livelihood Support to Aspirant Migrants”. The application should consist of:

  • A cover letter explaining why your organization will be the best fit to undertake this assignment
  • A technical proposal explaining how your organization proposes to implement this assignment (taking fishery sector or tourism sector as an example to elaborate on the plan)
  • A detailed budget for completing the proposed interventions according to geographical areas
  • The organization’s profile and experts to be involved in this assignment

If you have any concerns or questions, kindly send an email to Ms. Le Thi Binh, [email protected]

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Sun, 2023-03-05