INGO Forum

The VUFO-NGO Resource Centre organises and hosts the INGO Forums, meetings where international NGO representatives can discuss issues relevant to their work, share experiences and better coordinate common activities. The INGO Forums began as informal meetings of international NGOs in around 1990. The Resource Centre has acted as the secretariat for them since 1993.

The INGO Forums are also the mechanism for international NGOs to select representatives to serve on the Resource Centre Steering Committee, and to represent them at other forums such as the annual Consultative Group meeting of the Government of Vietnam and international donors.

Organisation of the INGO Forum

The NGO Resource Centre, as the secretariat for the INGO Forum, sets the agenda for each meeting in consultation with the Resource Centre Steering Committee, prepares and distributes minutes and other meeting documents, and follows up on discussions from meetings as required.

The INGO Forum is open to representatives of member organisations of the Resource Centre, who are notified by email. The Centre welcomes visitors wishing to attend or make presentations, but arrangements should be made in advance with the Centre. This meeting is, generally speaking, not an appropriate venue for private sector presentations or for those seeking employment opportunities.

For more information, please contact the Managing Co-Director of the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre.


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