Thematic Group: Climate Change Adaptation

Overall objective: Raise awareness and help vulnerable communities achieve the capacity to adapt to climate change in all areas of their lives through sharing and learning adaptation approaches and influencing GoV policy and support for community-based adaptation practices and financing.

Lead organisation: Care International

Key adaptation issues

  1. Pro-poor community-based adaptation
  2. Disaster risk reduction
  3. Adaptation financing
  4. Infrastructure and technology for adaptation

Areas of action identified at the February 20 general CCWG meeting

1. Knowledge management and sharing lessons learned, including:

  • mapping where community-based adaptation activities area are already taking place in Vietnam;
  • developing and sharing case studies, best practice, adaptation opportunities and research; and
  • using the internet and meetings to share experiences.

2. Building NGO capacity, sharing methods and tools for best practices and identifying technical expertise for:

  • community-based adaptation practices;
  • integrating adaptation activities into local development planning;
  • integrating adaptation and disaster risk reduction; and
  • supporting women and children in particular.

3. Conduct advocacy activities at the national and provincial level for:

  • pro-poor community-based adaptation using best practices;
  • mainstreaming adaptation planning into current planning processes; and
  • use of financial gains from carbon markets to fund adaptation activities.

For example, this may be achieved through participation in policy formulation processes (SEDP, NTP, MARD and other relevant ministerial action planning forums); working with provincial authorities to develop their own detailed guidelines for policy implementation; and using best practice, results and experiences from community level adaptation work to inform policy content, consultation and formulation process and implementation at all levels.


Further reading

Mainstreaming Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development workshop report, 19th January 2009 CCADRR

  1. CCADRR Mainstreaming Workshop report, 19 January 2009
  2. Annex1 TOR and Agenda
  3. Annex2 Participant list


CCWG Adaptation Thematic Group Terms of Reference

CCWG Adaptation Thematic Group Workplan

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