[corporate-engagement-wg] Next Meeting Reminder (August 18) and other info.

Gareth Durrant gareth.d at mariestopes.org.vn
Tue Aug 4 07:11:55 BST 2015

Hi CEWGers


Thanks for coming to our sixth meeting! See below for meeting follow up
including; contact details, a revised version of the agenda, next meeting
info and our revised to do list. 


A copy of the discussion paper presented at the Disaster Response forum
'Partnering with the business sector for disaster preparedness, response and

Insights into strategic cross-sector partnerships' is available here
<http://www.ngocentre.org.vn/webfm_send/8864> . 


Thank you to AFAP for hosting the meeting and Thanik for completing the
minutes from our meeting on the 19th of May 2015 (available here
<http://www.ngocentre.org.vn/webfm_send/8863> ). Meeting minutes from the
7th are attached and our next meeting will likely to be hosted by AFAP
(unless someone would like to put their hands up?)


Apologies also for my non-attendance, something came up. I will see you all
on the 18th of August.


1.       Contact details and information about Oxfam's 'Gender
Transformative and Responsible Agribusiness Investment in Vietnam and in the


Name: Do Thuy Ha (Ha), Private Sector Program Manager

Organization: Oxfam

Contact: Ha.DoThuy at oxfamnovib.nl


2.       Agenda of the seventh meeting:


         i.          Reflection on previous meeting and update from members
(Including an update on AMNEP Forum in Bangkok Tuan as well as Disaster
Preparedness Forum Reto)

       ii.           CSR, Value Chains and GRAISEA presented by Do Thuy Ha

      iii.           Corporate Engagement Landscape, the broader policy
agenda for the working group as well as how this relates to Oxfam's GRAISEA
project . 

A.      Quick exercise  Who is working on what?  Issues of duplication 

B.      If we work on Value Chain Development? What do we what are some of
the deliverables?

     iv.            Discussion regarding group advocacy priorities. 

       v.            CEWG Admin and close 


3.       Next meeting 


Date: August 18, 2015

Time: 2:00 pm (14:00 hrs)

Venue: Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific (AFAP)
in Vietnam (TBD) AFAP offered to host another meeting

Address: No. 30, Lane 12, Dang Thai Mai Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi


We are likely to have someone come and speak on impact investing and social
enterprise. Stay tuned for updates!


4.       To do list 


1. Do the mapping of work done by CEWG member organization related to value

2. Organize capacity building focused on the most appropriate/common value
chain/s (based on the mapping)

3. Include development agencies working in the value chains in the

4. Conduct joint research on the appropriate/common value chain


5.    Involvement of more core members in group leadership and speakers


i)                    A number of you mentioned during the past few meeting
that you would be willing and able to contribute more time to the CEWG. It
would be great to hear back from all of you that are interested in taking
part in this more sustainable allocation of work currently mainly done by
Filip and myself. Please let us know and we will together design a strategy
to make the work even better.

ii)                   Speakers database - We discussed this earlier, but it
is good to come back to it now when holidays are ending and people are
coming back into their routines. We would really appreciate if you could
provide a list of names (contact details) of people which could be potential
speakers at one of our future meetings. As you can see from this email, a
lot of work of the sub-groups will be focused on value chains so
professionals from this sector are expected (someone already mentioned
CSIRO), but that is not to say that we cannot and should not cover other
relevant topics. All potential speakers are more than welcome as we are
creating this database not only for this or next year, but for the time to


Wish you all a great week and see you soon.




Gareth Durrant - Business Development Advisor


Tel +84(4) 3722 5471-Ext 241

Mob +84 123 5044490

skype gareth.msi

gareth.d at mariestopes.org.vn

 <http://www.mariestopes.org.vn/> www.mariestopes.org.vn 

Call Center 1900 55 88 82     




Marie Stopes Vietnam

Apartments 201-205, A1 Building, 

Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound, 

298 Kim Ma Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam



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Social Franchise Network:

 <http://www.bluestar.org.vn/> www.bluestar.org.vn

 <http://www.tinhchiem.vn/> www.tinhchiem.vn





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