Presentations at the EMWG training on co-research approach

In June 2017, the EMWG conducted a training on "co-research" approach in development projects in ethnic and mountainous areas for EMWG core member organizations.


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- Presentation 1

- Presentation 2


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ASEAN - standard operating procedure for regional standby Arrangements & coordination of joint disaster relief & emergency response operation (SASOP)


This is valuable ASEAN SASOP (in both Vietnamese and English languages) for your information and consideration. Since this has been the first time GoV. requested for assistance from ASEAN Member States, it would be good for different actors to learn later on how this SASOP has been applied in the practice, possible lessons for updating sectoral Key Immediate Needs (KIN).


Monthly meeting on 26th Jul 2017!

With support from Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), CCWG invited Mr. Thomas Hirsch, senior expert from Germany to have a full day meeting at Oxfam office. This meeting is a great opportunity for CCWG members to enhance capacity on advocacy strategy on national adaptation plan through international experiences. Moreover, CCWG members had a chance to hear about the impacts and implications of US's decision to withdraw the Paris Agreement. The last session focused on COP23: main topics of discussion and expected outputs of COP23 and the opportunities of CSOs to advocate Gov on adaptation and mitigation.

Please follow the link below for the presentations: 

International conference about National Adaptation Plan!

According to the Plan for Implementation of the Paris Agreement of Vietnam, the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) needs to be completed by 2019. Therefore, on 25th Jul 2017, CCWG organized the International Conference "Formulate and Implement National Adaptation Plan for Vietnam based on Local Adaptation Practices and International Experiences". This event is funded by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung as a key donor, Southern Voice project and USAID via Forest and Delta project.

Three specific objectives are:

- Share information from government's side about current NAP process,

- Present how the NAP at regional and international level can be developed and implemented from international speakers,

Monthly meeting on 26th Jul 2017!

With support from Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Vietnam, CCWG organized a full day event on 26th Jul at Oxfam office to hear from an international speaker, Mr. Thomas Hirsh, from Climate Development Advice, Germany. The main purpose is to talk about international experience on advocacy strategy on climate change policy, Conference of Party (COP23) and particularly how the withdraw of US from Paris Agreement effects on CC response at global level. Please see the attachment for your reference. Mr. Thomas is a senior expert who has a lot of experiences to work with UNFCCC about CC policy, COP and other sectors.

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