HCMC-INGO Discussion Group Quarterly Meeting, 18 May 2015 - Cooperation between PACCOM and Foreign NGOs

Attached are the presentations by PACCOM and VUFO - NGO Resource Centre on the cooperation between PACCOM and Foreign NGOs during the HCMC-INGO Discussion Group Quarterly Meeting on 18th May, 2015.

Presentation of CCWG monthly meeting- sharing on SREX

In May 7th 2015, we have a very interesting sharing on SREX report in cooperation with UNDP & IMHEN. I have attached herewith the presentation that we have shown during the meeting.

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Presentation of CCWG monthly meeting on April 2015

In 2nd April, we have organized CCWG monthly meeting with the topic of Climate Smart Agriculture which is chaired by SNV. Please find attached you will see the presentation during this meeting.

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The Procedures of Issuing Certificate of Registration of PACCOM

Requested Documents for issuance of Certificate of Registration: 01  document dossier (any document written in a foreign language must be accompanied by a valid certified Vietnamese translation version), including:

1.1 Documents requesting for new Certificate of Registration of Operation:

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