Child Rights

Child Rights Working Group meeting


This is regular meeting of Child Rights Working Group. The agenda will be as below:

  • A detailed presentation on the activities of the Monitoring Children Club will be provided by Cenforchil
  • Sharing CRnet activities by VAPCR
  • Briefing on International Human rights training program - organised by International Centre for Human Rights Education (EQUITAS)
  •  Discussion  on a seminar of NGOs or GOs on a particular topics. Plan & VAPCR sharing on the progress of advocacy campaign on increase children's age of Vietnam.
  • Discussion on joint activity and Group's contribution for those activities.
  • Discussion on chairmanship

Further information, please contact current Group Co-Chairs

ChildRights Working Group meeting


This is  a regular meeting of Child Rights Working Group. The detail agenda is as following:

1. follow up the result of meeting on 29 March:
+ each organization will register for presentation during the year.
+ Sharing information on ASEAN People Forum by Mrs. Chau
+ Sharing the last CRC report and SC workshop minutes

2. Update information from all organization working on Children:
+ Update from Plan and VAPCR on advocacy campaign on increase age of children
+ Sharing on National on Human Right report by VAPCR-PLAN
+ Sharing CR NET activity

3. Discussion on Work Plan
+ Update on Financial support from Child Fund
+ Discussion on allocation the Group 's budget

Workshop on "Sharing experiences in preparation of CRC Complementary Report and planning for the next Report”


This workshop is co-organised by Save The Children and Childrights Working Group. The objective of workshop are:

- To provide in-depth knowledge and updates of most current developments concerning CRC complementary report

- To share experiences, information, knowledge, procedures, and tools useful for the preparation of CRC Complementary Report.

- To work out strategies and an initial plan for the next CRC Complementary Report

Please confirm your participation and send Training Needs Assessment to organizers board (Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung) before 16:00, 12th September 2012 as the following address: Email: [email protected]; Tel: 04 - 35735050/ext-508 or 0912 145 900.

Childrights Working Group meeting


This is regular meeting of Childrights Working Group. The detail agenda wil lbe sent to Group mailing list and posted soon.

Further information, please contact goup Co-chairs Ton That Tuan at [email protected]

and Hoang Thuy Lan at [email protected]


Childrights Working Group meeting


This is a regular meeting of the Childrights Working Group. The detailed agenda is as below:

  • Discussion on how CRWG should participate in and contribute to the amendment of the Law on Caring, Educating and Protecting Children
  • Discussion on the participation of CRWG’s representative in the session in Geneva on Vietnam State Report on CRC
  • Sharing of VAPCR, CEFACOM and Plan about Asian regional training event on child participation in child protection

Further information, please contact the Co-Chairs: Mr. Ton That Tuan - PLAN  at [email protected]

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