The activities of international Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) in Vietnam and their administration by the Government of Vietnam are managed by Government Decree No. 12/2012/ND-CP, which came into effect on 1 June 2012. Decree No. 12 replaces Prime Minister's Decision No. 340/QD-TTg of May 1996.

Committee for Foreign NGO Affairs (COMINGO)

105A Quan Thanh, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Committee for Foreign NGO Affairs (COMINGO) brings together key Vietnamese government ministries and other bodies to assist the Prime Minister in guiding and addressing issues relating to foreign NGOs. COMINGO was established on 24 April 2001 under Decision 59/2001/QQ-TTg of the Prime Minister.

COMINGO's key tasks are to:

  1. Propose guidelines and policies relating to foreign NGOs in Vietnam; coordinate with relevant agencies to provide guidance, monitoring, and oversight for the implementation of laws and policies relating to the operations of foreign NGOs.
  2. Take the lead in the appraisal, via its member agencies, of foreign non-governmental organizations in order to forward documentation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the purpose of granting, extension, supplement, amendment and revocation of the Certificates of Revocation of foreign non-governental organizations in Vietnam.
  3. Periodically report to the Prime Minister on the operations of foreign NGOs in Vietnam.
  4. Carry out tasks related to foreign NGOs in Vietnam as assigned by the Prime Minister.

H.E. Mr. Pham Binh Minh, Executive Vice Minister / Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Executive Member
H.E. Mr. Vu Xuan Hong, President / Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO)

Vice Minister / Ministry of Public Security
Vice Minister / Ministry of Planning and Investment
Chairperson / Government Commission for Religious Affairs
Deputy Chief / Government Office
Deputy Chairperson / Commission for External Relations of the Party Central Committee
Vice Minister / Ministry of Finance

COMINGO has its own legal stamp and takes the headquarters of VUFO as its office.

Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO)

105A Quan Thanh, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Tel: (84 24) 38 45 63 03

Fax: (84 24) 37 33 02 01
[email protected]

The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO) is the standing agency of the Committee for Foreign NGO Affairs (COMINGO). VUFO is a nation-wide socio-political organisation whose main function is to establish and promote friendly and co-operative people-to-people relations between Vietnam and other countries. Under Decree 12/2012/ND-CP, VUFO is responsible for communication and promotion of foreign non-governmental assistance.

VUFO is a member organisation of the Vietnam Fatherland Front. VUFO comprises many peace, solidarity and friendship member organisations - both bilateral and multilateral - and provincial and municipal friendship unions in the whole country. These member organisations carry out their activities in accordance with the objectives and statutes of VUFO.

VUFO operates within the law of Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It has a permanent office, juridical person, its own budget and bank accounts.

Its main tasks are to:

  1. Carry out activities in its own name and guide and co-ordinate related activities of its member organizations with a view to: consolidating and developing the ties of solidarity and friendship, advocating and supporting economic, technical-scientific and cultural co-operation between the Vietnamese people and peoples of other countries; enlisting broad sympathy and support of the peoples in the world to the Vietnamese people's cause of national construction and defence; and supporting the just cause of the peoples of other countries, contributing to the common struggle for peace, national independence, democracy, economic development and social progress and for the solution of global problems.
  2. Act as the standing agency of the Committee for Foreign Non-Governmental Organization Affairs; co-ordinate in mobilising and enlisting material aid from peace, solidarity and friendship organisations, humanitarian, non-governmental organizations, corporations and individuals in other countries with a view to contributing to socio-economic development of the Vietnamese people.
  3. Research the activities of peace, solidarity and friendship organizations in different countries and foreign non-governmental organizations and make appropriate recommendations to the State and other related organizations of Vietnam on these issues.

To realise these tasks, VUFO carries out diversified activities of friendship and co-operation, such as exchange of information and visits, holding friendship meetings, seminars and workshops, organising study tours, cultural groups' tours, exhibitions, short-term training courses and consultations.

VUFO publishes a monthly magazine, the Friendship Review.

The People's Aid Co-ordinating Committee (PACCOM)

105A Quan Thanh, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Tel.: (84 24) 8436 936/7
Fax: (84 24) 8452 007
[email protected]

Background, Functions, and Tasks

As of 2012 some 900 foreign NGOs have relationships with Vietnam. Most come from Western Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region. The People's Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) is responsible for relations with INGOs and for mobilizing aid. Its activities are governed by Government Decree No. 12/2012/ND-CP, which came into effect in June 2012. PACCOM works closely with INGOs both at the central level and in all 63 provinces and centrally administered cities to facilitate foreign NGOs' activities in Vietnam.

PACCOM, the specialized and functional body of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO), was established on 10 June 1989. The organizational structure of PACCOM includes the Director General, Deputy Directors and Programme Coordinators, working in four desks (Administration, Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific). PACCOM's headquarters are at 105A Quan Thanh, Hanoi, and its Southern Representative Office is at 159C De Tham Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City (Tel.: 84 28 8250 372; fax: 84 28 8333 436).

PACCOM's tasks are:

  1. To reinforce the partnership between foreign NGOs and Vietnamese institutions and localities.
  2. To facilitate foreign NGOs' activities in Vietnam, and assist local partners in their relationship with foreign NGOs
  3. To gather and disseminate information concerning the activities of foreign NGOs in Vietnam; conduct studies and reviews on the activities of foreign NGOs, and assess the needs of different localities
  4. To participate, with concerned agencies, in guiding and monitoring the implementation of regulations, laws and policies relating to the operations of foreign NGOs; and recommend to the Government proper policies for the operation of foreign NGOs in Vietnam.

Principal Activities

  • Facilitating the humanitarian and development aid activities of foreign NGOs
  • Processing the issue, extension, amendment of registration of different types for foreign NGOs working in Vietnam, according to the regulations
  • Working as the focal agency between foreign NGOs and Vietnamese partners, formally introducing foreign NGOs to ministries, central agencies and institutions, and local authorities
  • Arranging field visits for foreign NGOs, and entry-exit visas (official visa type) for expatriate staff of foreign NGOs
  • Facilitating procedures for permission from competent authorities for the organization of internal meetings and reviews of foreign NGOs in Vietnam
  • Gathering and disseminating information with foreign NGOs and Vietnamese partners

Technical Activities

  • Assessing needs of central institutions and localities, formulating feasibility studies to seek funding/assistance from foreign NGOs; appraising, monitoring and evaluating programmes and projects; conducting strategic planning
  • Organising thematic and sectoral seminars that are of interest to foreign NGOs and Vietnamese partners
  • Developing training manuals on foreign NGO aid mobilization and issues in the development project cycle; conducting training courses for localities on the mobilisation and implementation of humanitarian and development projects