Climate Change

Joint Principles for Adaptation now on UNFCCC website as submission through CARE

Meeting minutes & presentation of CCWG monthly meeting on June, 2014

On 12th June, 2014, CCWG monthly meeting was organized at Winrock International, Tay Ho, Hanoi. CCWG members have had opportunity to update current and up-coming events related to climate change. VNForest's representative had shared a presentation on "Reviewing mangroves forest management policies in response to climate change" and a practiccal sharing "Mangroves forest management - some practice in Red River Delta" has been presented by MCD.

Call for application - Building resilience to Climate Change intensive training course

We are pleased to invite applicants for postgraduate level courses on ‘Building Resilience to Climate Change’. The courses run from 14th October to 7th November 2014 and is held at the United Nations University headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.  The following two courses will be offered, each with duration of 2 weeks: 

  • Course-1: Science, Impacts and Vulnerability
  • Course-2: Approaches to Adaptation

Priority will be given to students who are currently enrolled in a postgraduate programme. However, the courses are also open to young faculty members, researchers and practitioners who have completed master’s degree and are working in the relevant field.

Meeting minutes and presentations of CCWG monthly meeting May, 2014

The meeting was held on May, 8th 2014 at Winrock International office. It helped members to updated current activities of CCWG, thematic groups as well as to discuss on how to professionalize our advocacy work.

Climate Change Working Group meeting


This is monthly meeting of Climate Change Working Group. Please find the attached agenda below:

Minutes and presentations in CCWG meeting - April 2014

This meeting covers a quick update about activities of the working group in recent months and an overview of Climate Change Adaptation policies in Vietnam. Also, there is be a session on the “Joint Adaptation Standards” initiative (JAS). JAS is a code of good practices for national adaptation planning that ensures the needs of the poor communities most vulnerable to climate change are met, and their rights respected. This is a collaborative process between civil society organizations in different countries, and between civil society and other actors, including government within each country.

Climate Change Working Group meeting


This is regular meeting of Climate Change Working Group. Please find the attached agenda below:

Further information, please contact the Chairperson Mrs. Nguyen Thi Yen at [email protected]

Đề án "Phát triển các đô thị Việt Nam ứng phó với BĐKH giai đoạn 2013-2020" (Decision 2623/QĐ-TTg)

Phe duyet De an Phat trien cac do thi Viet Nam ung pho voii bien doi khi hau giai doan 2013-2020 voi muc tieu: Chu dong ung pho voi BDKH, su dung hop ly nguon tai nguyen trong cai tao nang cap va phat trien do thi; ra soat, bo sung va hoan thien he thong van ban quy pham phap luat, quy hoach, quan ly dau tu phat trien do thi trong boi canh gia tang nguy co rui ro tu BDKH; nang cao nhan thuc, tang cuong su phoi hop giua cac Bo, nganh va dia phuong trong dieu hanh, quan ly phat trien do thi ung pho voi BDKH.

Climate change and rural institutions in Central Vietnam - DIIS working paper

This working paper presents an overview of initial findings regarding the factors influencing how meso level institutions in Central Viet Nam are responding to climate change and extreme climate events. Findings focus on the challenges affecting coastal zones, particularly areas which are impacted by a combination of environmental change and the introduction of new livelihood opportunities, including rapidly expanding aquacultural production. The working paper describes emerging policies and trends in institutional response to climate change, with emphasis on the convergence of this response with disaster risk management and broader development efforts.

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