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CCWG training workshop on Gender mainstreaming in CCA design

From 1st - 3rd July, 2015 in cooperation with Vietnam Forest & Delta Program, the Climate Change Working Group has successfully organized a training course on gender mainstreaming in climate change adaptation design.

It was such a very interesting training touching one of the hottest topic in climate change - gender mainstreaming in CCA with a huge number of enrollment both from INGO, VNGO (Oxfam, CARE, Red Cross, SRD, MCD, RECOFTC, Live&Learn, CRS, CISDOMA, COHED, etc), and other stakeholders like Government officials (DMC) and donors, UN agencies (Irish Aid, UNWomen, BTC). Particularly, a representative from Climate Action Network South Asia Mrs. Vositha - Regional Facilitator of Southern Voices program also attended and contributed actively during the workshop.

Southern Voices toolkit in Climate Change Advocacy

"The world is overheating. Global temperatures are rising, affecting our climate. Poor and marginalised communities are feeling most of the effects of climate change and yet little is being done to support them.
Governments are either afraid to take the bold steps that are needed, or they are being dominated by elite interests who are not interested in saving our planet or protecting its people....
We need to ensure that governments in the North and South are held to account for their actions; that the voices of the poor and marginalised are heard by those in power; and that the policies and practices of governments and other actors change to respond to the changes in our climate."

CCWG Monthly Meeting - 3rd June: Ask the Advocacy Expert

The monthly meeting of CCWG in June will be replaced by the “Ask the Advocacy Expert” Event on 3rd June under the title "Communication to engage: How to deliver your message and create stories for effective advocacy”,  with the  following details:

Venue: Skylark hotel, 15 Phan Dinh Phung, Hanoi

Time: 2:00 – 5:00pm, June 3rd, 2015

Presentation of CCWG monthly meeting- sharing on SREX

In May 7th 2015, we have a very interesting sharing on SREX report in cooperation with UNDP & IMHEN. I have attached herewith the presentation that we have shown during the meeting.

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Presentation of CCWG monthly meeting on April 2015

In 2nd April, we have organized CCWG monthly meeting with the topic of Climate Smart Agriculture which is chaired by SNV. Please find attached you will see the presentation during this meeting.

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Climate Change Working Group Meeting


This is regular meeting of  Climate Change Working Group. In February 2015,  the Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX) report for Vietnam which led by UNDP and MoNRE has been launched. NGOs of CCWG and DMWG were actively engaged through a SREX taskforce. Several institutions and NGOs have contributed a lot in this report, particularly the NGO’s experience on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Chapter 9.

Climate Change Working Group Meeting


This is monthly meeting of Climate Change Working Group. Please find the attached agenda below

Further information, please contact the Group Coordinator Mrs. Nguyen Minh Anh at [email protected]

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